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Herb Testimonial

Heather H.
I was referred to Deeply Rooted Equine from a friend who has been using product, which was helping her horses stay well minded, so I reached out and purchased the magnesium and parasite wipeout. Ashley got my order out right away and was so easy to work with! My older mare and young gelding both took a liking to them right away. I started seeing results after a week of having them on them. I couldn't be happier! Much thanks to Ashley and honest friends I could trust for the referral. 

Owner - Herb Testimonial

Ashley Hewitt
The main reason why I decided to be a distributor of the Equine Natural Care (ENC) herbs because I believe in their products from first hand experience. After a barrel racing run, I found out that my horse was a bleeder. He started refusing the gate, even with Lasix, and I was at a loss of what to do for him. I tried so many different things with no success. I finally found ENC herbs and got him on an herb program that identified what his body needed support in. Long story short, ever since getting him on an herb program I no longer have gate issues. He remains competitive placing at rodeos and in the 1D/2D at jackpots. I am a believer for what these herbs can do, because I've seen the results first hand. I know how frustrated I was and want people to know there is hope and something out there that can help.